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You have probably seen the collage at the Center where it has been on display since generous donors gifted it to us in 2019. They saw the artwork at the prestigious Art Basel Miami show and immediately thought that it should find a home at the Earl Scruggs Center. As Bernie has said, “You’ve got all the elements in there, you’ve got the instrumentation of pure bluegrass, you’ve got the guys that basically invented it, and you got a little history in the wallpaper. And the title is one of the most fiery gospel songs you’re ever going to hear. That in a nutshell is why it came into being.”.


As you may know, Bernie has been Elton John’s good friend since they were teenagers and has written most of the lyrics for Elton’s hits. Always interested in art, in the 1990s.he turned his story telling capability into creating art work which has been well received on the national and international stage. With the addition of this artwork at the Center, Earl’s influence and reach around the world is demonstrated yet again.


Purchased prints, with information and documentation will be made available at the Center. If shipping is required, there will be an extra charge of $40. The number of the print purchased will be in the order that the sale is made. To have a lower number, buy yours now!


Prints are $250 each plus tax. Click here to purchase!