The following are supporting members of the Earl Scruggs Center at the levels of Flint Hill Society, Innovators’ Circle, and Pickin’ Circle. We are grateful for the support of the following, as well as all members of the Earl Scruggs Center. Memberships are available at various levels.  Visit our Memberships page to determine which level of support is appropriate for you and your family.  


Members as of January 1, 2023 include:

Flint Hill Society

Carole and Jack Arey
Carla and Donald Beam
Mary and Frank Beam
Davina and Tom Bernard
Shannon and Chip Blackley
Becky and Trip Boinest
Flossie and Frank Bonner
Robin Brackett
Pam and Jack Buchanan
Kim and Cecil Burton
Darlene and Aaron Carr
Suzi and Lowry Caudill
Helen Chapell
Rachel Cowan
Sallie Craig
Dick Craver
Zanne and John Crosland
Myra and Scoot Dixon
Susan and David Eliis
Lynn Eskridge
Catherine B. Freedberg
Michelle and Lex Garey
Meegie Glass
Amanda and Jay Gragg
Sara Ellen Hamrick
Marilyn and Bill Henshaw
Robin and Roger Holland
Sandy and Mark Hudson
Ginny and Alan Hughes
Jennie and Dave Lambert
Jean Lankford
Mary Beth and Jackson Martin
Lydia and Bill Matthews
Jancy and Gilbert Patrick
Brownie and Bubba Plaster
Paul Poirier
Carol and Jim Rose
Jo and J.T. Scruggs
Mary and Jacob Sigmon
Robin and Kip Smith
Scott Stinchcomb
Millicent Thayer
Mary Walker
Lisa and David White
Jim Wilson
Kathy and Roger Woody
Ruth and Ted Woolsey
June and Ed Yarboro


Innovators’ Circle

Sam Blumenthal
Wes Westmoreland




Pickin’ Circle

Candy and Robert Arey
Katie and Dick Baker
Donna and Sandy Carlton
Rose and Daryl Cook
Emily and Mike Epley
Alison Gilbert
Allison and Bryon Gragg
Kathryn Hamrick
Jane and Max Hamrick
Nadine and Roger Harris
June Hobbs
Millie and Eddie Holbrook
Anne and Kevin Klein
Laura and Chuck Lampley
June and Kendall Lees
Emily and Greg Melton
Jennifer and Jeff Melton
Tina and Will Rucker
Stuart and John Schweppe
Teresa and Nelson Seen
Bob Shiffrar and Abby Gessner
Sarah and Daniel Thomas
Kathy and Larry Wilson





  • Corporate Members