April 23, 2021 – Volunteer Appreciation Day 2021

“Volunteer” defined. (a) An individual who performs hours of service for a public agency for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons, without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered, is considered to be… [Read More]

     March 24, 2021 – Your Guide to a Day Trip to the Earl Scruggs Center

Spring is here in Shelby, NC, and with that comes delightful weather and the urge to take daytrips or explore your own community. We hope that means you are planning a visit to the Earl Scruggs Center, where you can learn more about the… [Read More]

     March 18, 2021 – Justin Harper to lead ‘Musical Explorations’ at ESC

Classes are now underway for a new music series offered by the Earl Scruggs Center (ESC) in Shelby. But the classes aren’t new at all — they are the continuation of a series, titled “Musical Explorations,” that provides children with music… [Read More]

       March 10, 2021 – HISTORIC SHELBY WALKING TOUR

This self-guided walking tour in Shelby highlights historic structures dating back to the 1850s which include Webbley, a national historic landmark and house of O. Max Gardner; a 1907 Classic Revival courthouse… [Read More]

       February 17, 2021 – Celebrating the life of Louise Scruggs (1927 – 2006)

Anne “Louise” Certain Scruggs was a woman ahead of her time. When she began managing Flatt & Scruggs in 1955, the role of a professional manager was a new concept. As a woman in a high-powered business… [Read More]


      February 8, 2021 – Special Exhibition: African American Builders & Architects Opening

African American Builders & Architects opened to our members on February 8, 2021. Check out these pictures from the opening day celebration… [Read More]


     January 15, 2021 – 2021 Official Charlotte City Guide

Just 45 minutes from Uptown Charlotte, discover the quintessential heart of Carolina culture in the rolling hills of Cleveland County, connecting the Piedmon to the mountains. From groundbreaking bluegrass to world-class barbecue… [Read More]



     January 6, 2021 – Happy Birthday Earl Scruggs

On this day in 1924, Earl Scruggs was born in the Flint Hill community of Cleveland County, NC. In this community, he learned a love for music and perfected “Scruggs Style,” a distinctive three-finger style of playing the banjo… [Read More]



     December 17, 2020 – Songs from the Road Band Live @ Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby

Asheville based band Songs of the Road Band performing live @ Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby. [Read More]


      December 8, 2020 – Celebrating 75 Years of Bluegrass

Top 5 Things to Do to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Bluegrass   Visit the Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, NC. Learn about the life and career of Mr. Scruggs and the community that shaped his music. Check out our website and YouTube… [Read More]


     December 7, 2020 – A Weekend in Cleveland County from Our State Magazine

An hour west of Charlotte, the Foothills city of Shelby’s buzzing commercial district boasts an internationally renowned centerpiece: the Earl Scruggs Center. Opened in 2014, the cultural museum honors one of Cleveland County’s most famous sons… [Read More]


    November 30, 2020 – 36 of the Most AWESOME Museums in North Carolina for ALL Ages!

Want to learn more about our wonderful state and have fun doing it? Look no further than these amazing museums in North Carolina.    Since we’ve visited more than a few, it’s time that we shared some of our favorites from all over. All of these places appeal to our little one… [Read More]



Uptown Shelby has always had a distinctive rhythm, whether as a textile-industry powerhouse or busy shopping destination between Charlotte and Asheville. It still hums along, a place where rich musical roots, a thriving arts scene, and unique… [Read More]