A Symphony for the Road: An Avett Brothers Retrospective Featuring the Photography of Daniel Coston

The concept of A Symphony for the Road comes from the idea of telling a story through music. This is something that the Avett Brothers have been doing for their entire career and something they will most likely do as long as they continue to put pen to paper and fingers to frets. For this reason, they have been able to connect with fans all over the world and have gone from playing at the Double Door Inn to playing Madison Square Garden.
The closest one can come to describing the band’s career in musical terms is to compare it to a symphony. A mixture of movements that all revolve around a central idea. In this case, that idea is making the music you love with the people you care about. This exhibit will seek to lay out their story in much the same way, but instead of using songs, it will use photographs to portray the details.
In the same way as a classical symphony, A Symphony for the Road is broken up into four movements which in turn correspond to the conventions of classical music theory. The first movement of most symphonies are fast-paced and provide the theme of which the piece will be about. For this exhibit, we chose to open our symphony with an overture. An overture traditionally introduces the piece while also bringing elements from later movements. Much the same way that the formative years of the Avett Brothers as a band would influence the later parts of their career.
The second movement of a symphony tends to be slower-paced, a tempo to dance to. Although it is fair to say that the Avett Brothers’ career hasn’t slowed down, the fact that the second movement is usually written for a trio provides the necessary parallel.
The third movement begins to pick up the pace again and is indicative of a fast-moving dance tune. This gives the perfect template for the story of the band’s meteoric rise with the release of Emotionalism and the addition of more members.
The final fourth movement is typically a finale which is the culmination of all of the other movements into a final piece that draws on all the other music from the symphony. However, if the recent release of Closer Than Together and the Third Gleam albums are any indications, the Avett Brothers are far from a finale. As such it remains unfinished.
The Movements
The Carolina Overture (1998-2002)


This section will cover the formation of the Avett Brothers including some of
Daniel’s pictures of the members before and just after starting the band. Featured pics
would include Bob Crawford as a part of Memphis Quick 50, Seth singing alongside
Dave Rhames, (maybe source some photos of Nemo just for context?).



A Minuet’s Trio (2003-2006):

This section would focus on the era in which the band was just three members.
Photographs would include: Mignonette Sessions, Early NYE photos, Early
Promo shoots, Robbinsville, Early Merlefest, etc.



Scherzo for a Traveling Band (2007-2015):

This section will focus on the bands meteoric growth after releasing emotionalism
and signing with Rick Rubin in 2008. Photographs will include: emotionalism
sessions, Later NYE shows, Opening for the Rolling Stones, NC Related events,




The Unfinished Finale (2016-2020):

This section will cover the most recent years of the Avett’s career. Photographs
will include: Performances, Induction into NC Music Hall of Fame, Bob’s lecture
programs, Scott’s Art Career, Charlotte Motor Speedway performances. We can
also use this as an opportunity to talk about future projects with the Band’s



The Exhibit Includes:

• 16 11″X14″ Photographs (16″X20″ Frames)
• 32 8″X10″ Photographs (11″X14″ Frames)
• 1 76”X 60” Text Panel
• 4 24″X 36″ Text Panels
• 1 24”X20” Text Panel
• 1 36″X36″X 84″ Frame Tower with 12 16″X20″ Photographs Mounted to Komatex
• 1 40″X60″ Canvas Print
• Photograph Labels Printed on Komatex


Extra Artworks and objects will need to be negotiated with the lenders by the borrowing institution.
Minimum 200 Linear Feet Required
Rental Fee: $1,000 for 3 Months (Other Exhibition Lengths can be Discussed)
Will be ready for Travel in October 2022